Regular vs. Portable Air Purifiers

Regular vs. Portable Air Purifiers

The right air purifier can instantly improve the air quality in your home. It filters your air, reducing the number of pollutants and irritants, making the environment safe for you.

An air purifier can remove viruses, smoke, pollen, odors, dust, bacteria, and a lot more! However, there are many kinds of purifiers out there.

For instance, you can purchase a regular-sized home purifier or a portable air purifier. Let’s break down their features and decide between the two!

Which Is Better?

So what makes the final cut? Should you invest your money into a portable one or get a regular home purifier. It all comes down to what your needs are.

Regular Purifier

Many regular home purifiers offer a built-in solution, and they have filter-based technology that can be installed in ducts, and other more permanent areas of your home.

This often means that your HVAC system needs to be running at all times. This may make the costs go up and add up with the initial installation charges.

However, a regular air purifier might be the option for you if you have a larger home, have regular duct maintenance, and afford some extra bills on air purity!

Portable Purifier

On the other hand, a portable purifier is much more lightweight, compact, and can be used anywhere in the room. You can also travel with it if you would like clean air at your workplace!

This option is cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. It works great for smaller rooms, households, and keeping it where you might require it the most.

It does the job very well and requires none of the commitment of a larger in-built system. However, for very large homes, this might not be an optimal choice.

Difference between Regular Air Purifiers and Portable Purifiers 

There are many key differences between regular air purifiers and portable purifiers. We discuss some of them below!


Portable purifiers obviously offer a more compact technology. They aren’t as big and can very easily fit in a bag back, at the back of your car, and you can keep it in different places in your room too. In addition, there is no need for extra installation charges, either.


The thing with portable purifiers is that they offer a very lightweight design. Regular purifiers are difficult to move around as they installed in your HVAC systems. You cannot take it anywhere else.

Saving cost

Another important difference is the cost! Portable air purifiers are much cheaper, and you can get them anywhere between $50 - $100. However, regular air purifiers may go for a lot more due to their size and features, as well as installation charges.


It is essential to know that both kinds of purifiers offer different technologies. Many portable purifiers produce ions. While the larger ones have HVAC systems or duct base purifiers, the smaller ones may also not have as many features as they are more energy-efficient options.