Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

Yes! An air purifier is a device that provides clean air in your surroundings. It allows you to filter out many different allergens, irritants, and pollutants in their air, resulting in a safe and healthy airflow in your home or workplace.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, it is all the more important to have air free of viruses, bacteria, and other agents that could potentially get someone ill.

This raises a very important question, do air purifiers really work? And whether they are worth your money or not.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?  

Air purifiers tend to clean the circulating air in your home.  They make use of mechanical filtration and HEPA filters that clean out your air.

All this makes it an efficient source of filtration, as it traps particles of all sizes, even viruses! These would otherwise circulate in your air, and enter your system when you breathe. Most of these particles and pollutants can deteriorate your health and damage your lungs too!

Special HEPA filters can capture up to 100% impurities in your surroundings. In addition, another air purifier for dust can produce negative ions.

These negative attract dust and particles that keep the dust down on surfaces, instead of floating around in the air. This is also an efficient mechanism of having cleaner air, free from smoke and dust particles.

Different Kinds of Technology

It is important to know that air purifiers are not all the same! They have different technologies that remove dirt and impurities from your air.

These technologies include

  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Charged media filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Ion and ozone generators


What Are Some Of Its Benefits? 

There are many benefits that come along with an air purifier. It is recommended for children, the elderly as well as those who might be ill. It filters your air for many different particles which include

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Irritants
  • Odors
  • Spores

Many people recommend air purifiers in urban areas where different gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur, and carbon dioxide can be a part of the environment. Cities tend to have such effluents in the atmosphere than can enter your lungs and cause long term damage.

In addition, if you have infants and kids in your house, an air purifier can clean out the air to create a clean and healthy environment for them. The same applies to the elderly and those who are ill. This is commonly used for asthma patients, as well as those who have easily triggered allergic reactions.

So to answer if air purifiers are worth it? Well yes. They make use of the latest technologies that can filter out your air, or separate particles that may potentially harm your health.